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Invert studios' advantage lies in its ability to effectively gather experts in many fields such as architecture, city, and environment, make proposals from a multi-disciplinary perspective, and constantly pursue an architectural design that is at the forefront of the times.


20 years now, and Invert studios has been leading the development trend of modern interior design. our interior designs have long become an indispensable element in the process of creating lifestyles and working methods, which is the consensus of most people.


We are not only responded to the requirements of solving social problems by proposing attractive urban space designs but also implemented various advanced concepts and design proposals for large-scale comprehensive development, urban renewal, smart city, and public space 


Landscape Design In this unprecedented sudden change in the world, the relationship between man and nature needs to be re-examined, and landscape design is the key. INVERT STUDIOS is rooted in the symbiosis with the unique buildings and nature within excellent landscape design capabilities.


In order to cope with the more highly complex large-scale construction and comprehensive development, we have implemented building information management (BIM) to ensure the quality of complex projects is undoubtedly the latest design method using computers and artificial intelligence-modeling methods. 


We add Many efforts in each project to help buildings and cities maintain their functions in extraordinary times. A people-oriented indoor environment is essential to sustainable development. Therefore, we have adopted the basic concepts of Green buildings Design, which pays attention to your health and productivity.





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