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A dream of transcending time

Architecture …. A dream of transcending time …. An unquantifiable quality that is recognized by the community, Architecture is the reason and the source, building is the outcome and the product Salvation is the story of mankind, Language implies the idea to observe its grammar and vocabulary, Architectural expression becomes possible through sensational experience.

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venice architecture biennale 2010

We believe that architecture is a tools of evolution and promotion the human value, our today architecture should drive people by smooth way to the complex future.

the integration of the best of science and technology into a comprehensive plan for a new society based on human and environmental concern. It is a global vision of hope for the future of humankind in our technological age.


Kamel Lokman

Founder & Partner


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      Teufelsberg -Berlin – A Space for music


New vision of renovation , How Sound Can change & Create Spaces?

Each sound has its form and character physically and mentally, and if sound can effect on a medium, either gas ”air”, liquid or by the end on solid, so definitely it can create spaces.
In general we recognize sound as changes in air pressure which creates waves.
For example, when a music instrument is hit, the movement of that disturbs the
surrounding medium air, causing the displacement of molecules within the air. This disturbance has a knock on effect causing adjacent molecules to be disturbed over a certain distance until the initial energy created by the primary displacement has disappeared.
And the following sound morphology experiments show that music can express
volume, distance, repetitive, and forms.

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Let’s make wonders


INVERT studio work as an overseas studio since 2005. By the time we were able to increase its current customer base and revenue stream. Our group will present Architecture projects, applications, and techniques of design, and direct services and a prestigious look at Middle East architecture all over the world in professional looking for excellent services.

We provide services to direct and online users in the Middle East. We will be serving, in particular, the areas of Cairo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Doha and Europe with the potential of expansion to other major cities throughout the Middle East, and future plans of affiliating with our peers overseas.

We have the advantage of being run by a group of Architects and Engineers who are majoring in different fields. Those fields include architecture design, interior design, and computer graphics. The real strong advantage comes from the ability to have robust and dynamic designs that could adjust and adapt to the changes in the environment and the changing customers’ tastes.



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