______ We believe that

architecture is a tools of evolution and promotion the human value.

______ We believe that

architecture is a tools of evolution and promotion the human value.

INVERT studios is an architectural design practice founded in 2007 with widely expansions last few years.

Our practice is built on the belief that architecture is a social act integrated in art methods, part of a process by which desires are materialized causing environments to change. We believe that architecture only gains relevance through an open dialog. Each of our projects is influenced by the qualities of individual places and by the people that inhabit them. And while the outcomes of our work may vary widely in shape or form, Architecture is providing feasibility, brief and strategy, concept design for Exterior & interior design, working details, and construction administration. It is including housing, commercial and public buildings, educational and cultural architecture; and historical preservation and regeneration.

Emmar iconic mosue

we design a spiritual dreams into reality

The design of the mosque comes through the understanding of the praying meaning , the Islamic message goals, and the praying value, to translate this spiritual values in the three-dimensional shapes and spaces, The design come out of a list of magnificent values and meaning will describe..


We select some of our project as a different
types of buildings


We are innovative


We provide a unique needs associated with our clients' construction and architectural projects ..




Our team will work with you to make design decisions that are both compatible with your individual tastes and complimentary to the interior and exterior styling of the Project.


combine creative and technical expertise and play a critical role in many clients' product development projects.



Smart house vision In Moscow

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul,
like these simple lines of the design which makes you enjoy your own space.


OUR Partners

We turn ideas into works of technology and art

Virtual reality and augmented reality can provide a realistic and immersive experience to potential buyers and investors in the real estate and construction business. These technologies can help showcase properties and construction projects in a more engaging and interactive way, allowing customers to visualize the finished product and make informed decisions. They can also aid in the design process by allowing architects and engineers to create and test designs in a virtual environment before it is built in the physical world. Overall, virtual reality and augmented reality can greatly enhance the customer experience and streamline the construction process in the real estate and construction business.


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