Venice Architecture Biennale

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visionary project
Venice, Italy
Venice Biennale
Pavilion design proposal Team: Ahmed Mito, Kamel Lokman, Hisham Alaa and the artists Ayman Lotfy, Ahmed Refat, Niveen Farghaly, Amer Abdelhakem.

The Search for Salvation: The Exhibition

Space for the Egyptian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale concept design …

Beliefs of people throughout the history… The manuscript in itself is meaningless without the ink giving it life… And distinguishing its soul… Making up the ideas and inspiration… Leading people to believe, love and hate… The methodology depends on decoding the inseparable relation between the ink and the paper…

Pushing the paper to its edge… to the limit of its potential… so that it represents all mankind in its procedures, aspirations, hopes, and needs… Influencing the Manuscript with every process known in design to push it to expel and evaporate into a cloud of thoughts inviting the man to think… Imagine… Assume… and believe…

With parameters that seem to be rather independent but, anyway, cross-influencing – which strengthens the Idea of a dialectic relation between them and their antonyms.