Northwest business center

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Office building 
Dubai, U.A.E
Under Construction

The site offers an interface between the town and an internal usage of the building. The design extrapolates this situation in terms of volume, positioning on the plot of land, and internal organization.

The project creates an optimum volume with an external facade covered with a locally produced stainless steel skin mixes with natural stone cladding, in three different finishes – satin, mirror, and matte – creating a kinetic effect reflecting the sunlight. This covering allows the building by turns to disappear into the clearness of the sky and to reflect light intensely.

The central entrance is giving the attention for users with the contrast of the complexity of the facade openings grid, while broad transparent areas serve as catalysts for directing visitors towards the entrances to the building.

The internal organization of the building is clear. One axis between all offices spaces, thereby offering two entrances. The entire programme is grafted onto this axis, with the theatre on one side and the media library on the other. This axis serves as a dynamic arrangement of volumes and contrasting lights guide the visitor from this area towards either the media library or the theatre.