Metamorphic Administration office

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Office building and retail
Dubai, U.A.E
Al-Asri Engineering Consultants
Under Construction

The design goal was to leave a mark on the territory, expressing One’s values and vision, in line with the adjacent of the new shape for Dubai city, and in alignment with the principles of economic, and environmental sustainability, in continuity with the surrounding color schemes.

From the architectural point of view, the project embraces the main value: the business community as a core element integrated with the other new communities, symbolic and functional heart of the new Business Center.

the design searches their self-reference, originating a horizontal and democratic architecture; research and innovation towards new sustainability.

The building exterior is cladding with two distinct façade types, some spaces which is needed natural light more than the others is a glazed aluminum wall, with alternating clear window openings and a thin aluminum plate. The second façade type is also a glazed aluminum unitized curtain wall with horizontal louvers to reduce the direct sunlight. However, all of the units are glass that is treated with varying types of glass frit that altogether cover approximately seventy percent of the wall, protecting the interior from solar gain.