Evolo Skyscraper

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visionary project
Competition design proposal

Plug-In Tower is a kinetic portable building that can be mechanically transferred and re-fixed in any other place. This idea helps to secure data between big organizations and is a specific type of Freedom that is transferred and plugged-in in any available 50 m2 available area and can connect directly through a matrix of the network of same buildings around.

As long as the main idea of portal tower is to help reducing demolition and the recycling of the deconstruction row materials, also the building is supported with turbine engines that work as wind turbines along the building’s curvy sides with sustainable energy along the entire structure ,the photovoltaic external skin is a part of the ecology system in the design to add a usable energy, the tower’s internal trusses is linked all around by an optical fiber glass surfaces to help the system to extend interior into the exterior view.