Duality Tower

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Office building
Jeddah, K.S.A
El- Rodain real estate
cost 26 M usd

The  Twin Towers by INVERT studios occupies a central position in relation to the urban design of the city of Riyadh. It has a place in a regular small sized plot, and the scale of the urban mesh on which it is inserted stands from the density of the suburban construction that surrounds this central area of the city which underlines a privileged treatment of the spaces. In this sense, as a major action, with an ambitious program, it was understood that the planned object should take advantage of all these constraints in order to be able to assume an emblematic role in the urban and architectonic context of the building.

The towers include a central Atrium and the spaces surrounding the atrium, sectionally, are shared public spaces.  On the lowest level, the common public lobby begins this thread of public spaces which ends in an accessible roofscape.  The interior geometry will create overlapping moments that will enhance an activated floor plan.

The towers’ inner cores assist in the low-energy ventilation design which- in alignment with a parametric differentiated facade concept- seeks to minimize energy use and maximize ambient quality and expression.

The centrality of the intervention and the program are identified as crucial factors for the carrying out of the proposal. A distinctly contemporary double merged forms promote the dynamics into the group of buildings and to the scenery that surrounds it.

Predicting the program into two towers of 20 floors, the action sought to exploit the small size of the lot in the design process through the theoretical occupation of the entire plot. Corresponding to the maximum volume of occupation, a 100 meters height parallelepiped with a base equal to the construction polygon was conceived as a starting point. Volumes were gradually subtracted from the monolith found, whose absence meant to imply the existence of two autonomous bodies, although formally dependent on each other – the Twin Towers – and to focus on each of the spaces proposed, improving the quality of its essence.