Benetton CO.

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Attiler and office building
Tehran, Iran
Benetton Co.

The project consists of masses inspired by the geometric lines of the regular Islamic inscriptions that separate the masses, with a clear fusion between the masses, and dock with the space for the entrance of the panoramic entrance, and joining the masses and voids formed in the center of the porosity of the building creates shaded spaces inside.

Then it appears as if the project is a matrix of many biological features and it breaks, the rhythm as well as the existence positive environmental of the positive full advantage of the wind , and disrupting the movement of air and spaciousness and brightness of lighting and non-direct and indirect, and direct correlation to test the movement of the sun in places of the glass and closed areas.

In the context of the user interaction with the construction, the need to come to a form of the building- a form can translate the past and help to create the vision of the future appeared. So we created a consistent rhythm and reflected the Islamic civilization and diverse music that chants to the subconscious and conscious of the human being both with avoiding of boredom.

It was necessary to create a framework which gathers these interactions in contradictory positive in one pot so that the project’s strong edifice the project came simply to explain the previous stages of civilization and the evolution of the place and its interaction with the surrounding urban environment.